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Introducing you to your next employee.

Employer Services

​We can staff as needed for these types of opportunities and more... 

Services Include: 

  • Temporary-Fill in for Medical Leaves, Vacations, or High-peak production periods.

  • Temporary to hire- Make sure the Employee meets your needs and is a good fit for the position and company. We offer a no-fee conversion after 720 hours.

  • Direct Hire- We will Recruit and find a candidate that meets the skills and qualifications you are looking for, and they will go directly on your payroll. Our fees are very competitive and come with a guarantee.

  • Payroll Services- If you have a candidate in mind to hire, however want to make sure they fit in well with your company, you can place them on our payroll for a temporary period of time.

  • We will complete pre-employment assessments, reference checks, drug screens, and background checks upon request. 

Our goal is to find you the right employee to hire! 

The added benefits of using our Staffing Firm... 

  • Pre-Screening Applicants 

  • Payroll and Payroll Tax Reporting 

  • Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance 

  • Unemployment Insurance and Disability Insurance 

  • California Sick Leave Pay 

Industries We Serve

 Food Production






  • What is the benefit of utilizing a staffing and recruiting firm?
    Posting ads, sorting and reviewing resumes, testing skill sets and reference checking all take time away from your daily job duties. Personnel Solutions will handle the entire process for your organization, in turn, directly affecting your bottom line by saving you time and money. Also excessive turnover, overtime, workers compensation rates and payroll taxes can be costly to your bottom line. By utilizing our temporary or temporary to hire process, you can be sure that you are making the right hiring choice for every situation.
  • Why choose Personnel Solutions?
    Our professional staff knows the business and the candidates of the San Joaquin Valley. We have built numerous successful client relationships as a result of getting to know our client’s organization and culture and making quality placements. We listen to the needs and requests of our clients to find the ideal candidate for them, based on skill sets and personality.
  • What staffing methods does Personnel Solutions offer?
    Personnel Solutions offers temporary, temporary to hire and direct hire placements. A temporary placement can be for any length of time with the understanding that there is no permanent position available. Temporary to hire offers basically a “trial” period in which the candidate will be on our payroll and we cover all the costs of the employee. After the “trial” period, you have the option of transferring the candidate to your payroll, at no additional fee, and he/she becomes your permanent employee. Direct hire placements tend to utilize us as recruiters only. We recruit to your specific job description, provide you with candidates to interview and once you make a decision to hire, the candidate starts directly on your payroll.
  • What is Personnel Solutions recruiting process?
    Every candidate participates in a telephone pre-screen to assess their communication skills. If the pre-screen is successful, they are brought in to our office to complete the registration process, an interview with one of our staffing professionals, and computerized skill assessments. At this time, they are also evaluated on their professional appearance and demeanor. Upon completion of the registration process, two professional references of past supervisors are contacted and need to be considered favorable. At this point, a candidate is made active and available and considered presentable to our clients. Drug screens are completed on all applicants. Background checks are completed upon Client request.

Ready to get started?

Let us help you find the best candidates for your business.


I have never worked with a professional placement agency before and was unsure what to expect. Clearly I made the right choice in my selection to utilize the services offered by PSU. Everything from the initial contact to the interview was beyond expectations. They really took the time to find out about me, my professional experience and what industry I had the most interest in. After my initial interview they were quick to find a position that fit my career aspirations and acquired skills...

— Erik Martin



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